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Finding the right solution




In 1953, young Japanese visionary Kazuo Mori started a frozen fish distributorship in Tokyo. This modest company soon became Toyo Suisan, one of the world’s most successful food companies, including the Maruchan brand. In 1977 Maruchan opened its first ramen manufacturing plant in Irvine, California, and today is the largest ramen noodle manufacturer in the United States.  In 2013, Maruchan faced massive roof repairs at its huge Irvine plant and turned to the experts at Emmons Roof Service to do extensive work on their factory roof. This was no small job; the experts at Emmons Roof Service needed to ensure no disruption to business and to guarantee that the strict guidelines governing the safety and cleanliness of food manufacturing would still be met.


With a size of approximately 280,000 square feet, this was a substantial building and the experts at Emmons Roof Service were asked to provide a budget for a completely new roofing system. Initial budget figures were determined by satellite imagery and other specialized measurement software. To find the most effective roofing at the most cost-effective price, the experts at Emmons Roof Service broke out pricing based on multiple areas using multiple types of roof systems. The experts at Emmons Roof Service performed a site survey in 2014 to firm up pricing and determine which system would be suitable for which area. Maruchan determined that their “production” area would be the first priority.




With an accurate assessment of the client’s needs, as well as the condition of the roof over the production area, it became apparent to the experts at Emmons Roof Service that the work required was far more extensive than Maruchan had initially assumed. This wasn’t “just” a new roof job. Emmons’ commercial roofing experts reported their findings back to Maruchan, and Maruchan agreed that a fair amount of existing rooftop equipment would need to be removed and replaced. What began as a new roofing install project had now become a major retrofit requiring close coordination with the general contractor, mechanical contractor, as well as the electrical and plumbing contractors.


Working in conjunction with general contractor Austin Company, engineers from Maruchan, as well as the City of Irvine, the experts at Emmons Roof Service proposed a full roof renovation, including structural improvements and the installation of a new FiberTite, mechanically attached PVC/KEE Membrane over 1/2″ Securock Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board to achieve the Class A Requirements. There were other major conditions that required consideration by the experts at Emmons Roof Service, as well, especially the ability of the FiberTite Product to withstand the various oils and greases of the food by products, as well as excessive foot traffic concerns. Additionally, Emmons’ commercial roofing experts realized they also needed a system which could be easily installed with the schedule restraints and requirements of “phase roofing.”


Many meetings were required between Austin, Maruchin, Emmons and the mechanical contractors to make a schedule and design the system and details. Plans were drawn, approved and submitted to the City of Irvine in early 2015. Once final schedules were approved, the contract was signed and the job started in August of 2015.




Maruchan’s food production continued without disruption or compromise. the experts at Emmons Roof Service carried out a job that was substantially more complex than initially envisioned, but one that was absolutely necessary and in the best interests of the customer. Working with Maruchan, the experts at Emmons Roof Service brought a complicated job in on time, on budget, and with the expertise for which they are known, making for a very happy customer.

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A unique solution for a unique property




The commercial roofing experts at Emmons Roof Services approach every job as a specialized project; with Emmons in charge there is no “blanket approach.” The story of the Sanchez building is a perfect example of the time, care and analysis that Emmons puts into the topnotch, personalized work they do for clients. Located in Los Angeles, this was an older building with a bow truss, or barrel roof system. After a careful survey, it was determined the roof system consisted of two cap sheet roof systems. The roofing experts at Emmons recommended removing the existing roof(s) down to the wood deck and putting back a new energy efficient membrane system with long term warranty.


Removing the roof, however, presented a major obstacle. Inside the building was a thriving business that relied on high tech printing machinery, and removing the roof threatened to disrupt the business – and that outcome was out of the question. Emmons needed to strategize how to complete the job with minimal disruption to the tenant, removing roofing this type of material from this type of roof typically results in debris falling through to the floor and creating a real mess. Simply covering the machinery up during construction would not work, due to the production needs of the tenant. The option of installing an additional roof system over two existing systems was also rule out since this is prohibited under City of Los Angeles codes. With extremely limited options, the Emmons Commercial Roofing experts needed to determine the best course of action in an extremely demanding situation.




Among the solutions considered was installing a maintenance coating to protect the existing roof system. Unfortunately, installing just a roof coating would not suit the long term needs of the building owner who desired something “long lasting,” something that would perform and last as a roof system, not just a “fix.” After careful analysis, Emmons’ commercial roofing experts recommended the Gaco Silicone S-2000 System, a title 24 compliant material that is impervious to ponding water and is UV resistant, and offers long term performance for up to 50 years.




After consultation with the client, this turned out to be the right recommendation. The Gaco Silicon S-2000 System performs as a roof system. Because the existing roof system of the Sanchez building was in good enough condition to receive the Gaco Silicon S-2000 System, Gaco also had the added benefit of offering a long term warranty, giving the owner a great new roof with no disruption to the tenant’s business.


Emmons Commercial Roofing Service experts consider the particular needs of each client with the same care, concern and expertise. With their guidance, you are assured the best possible materials with the highest level of workmanship at a price that will work for you.

If the overwhelming majority of climate scientists are correct, our current Southern California weather could still change drastically; sea conditions continue to point to a record El Niño this year, potentially spelling disaster for those commercial property owners who have placed roof maintenance low on their list of priorities during the recent drought years in our region.


El Niño refers to a set of global climate conditions arising from elevated sea temperatures in the Pacific Ocean along the Equator. The rise in sea temperatures pumps huge amounts of heat and moisture into the atmosphere affecting global patterns of air pressure and precipitation.


The last major El Niño, an unusually powerful episode in 1997-98, brought rainfall of more than 200% above normal to California, Nevada and Arizona. In February of 1998 alone, we had four big storms and two small storms, and we got almost a year of rain in one month. That February looked like something that should’ve been spread over the entire winter. Powerful storms hit the coast, triggering destructive landslides and floods.


While that’s a lot of rain that could bring welcome relief to our region’s drought concerns, commercial property owners and property managers who have practiced deferred maintenance should be especially worried about a whole new set of problems. The extraordinary amounts of rain in the ‘97/’98 El Nino winter left many owners stranded with severely leaking roofs and flood conditions inside their properties. To make matters worse, commercial roofers themselves became so flooded with emergency repair requests that many of us were booked as much as four months out.


Right now, this year’s El Niño has performed at moderate strength, says Mike Halpert, deputy director of the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, but ocean temperatures indicate it is in fact at historic levels of strength and getting stronger! The 1997-89 El Niño was the powerful on record, and climatologists remain concerned that this year’s event could still turn out to be even worse.


As a property owner or manager, the commercial roofing experts at Emmons urge you to keep the following in mind, to ensure that you’re prepared:


  1. There is still an extreme likelihood of a significant El Niño event occurring this winter. Rain and show are occurring in Northern California at well-above normal levels and could easily shift at any point to do the same in the Southland.
  2. Over the last few years of minimal rainfall and a struggling economy, roof inspections and roof maintenance have been low priorities for many property owners and managers; in many cases it has been years since roofs have been professionally inspected.
  3. During the height of the record rainfall during the ‘97/’98 El Nino, the commercial roofing experts and Emmons and elsewhere were booked three to four months out, even for emergency repairs.
  4. The most important step commercial property owners and managers can take to be prepared for any rainy season, but especially an El Nino season, is a FREE roof inspection by the commercial roofing experts at Emmons, and to have repairs completed as soon as possible.
  5. Don’t wait until it’s too late! There is no cost or obligation for roof inspection. Let our commercial roofing experts help you evaluate your roofing repair and/or maintenance needs and to help you protect against unnecessary damage to your valuable assets.


Major leaks and disruptions don’t need to happen to your or your tenants, and can often be avoided by early detection and minor repairs. Call 909-460-9500 to schedule a FREE roof inspection now by the commercial roofing experts at Emmons.