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Finding the right solution




In 1953, young Japanese visionary Kazuo Mori started a frozen fish distributorship in Tokyo. This modest company soon became Toyo Suisan, one of the world’s most successful food companies, including the Maruchan brand. In 1977 Maruchan opened its first ramen manufacturing plant in Irvine, California, and today is the largest ramen noodle manufacturer in the United States.  In 2013, Maruchan faced massive roof repairs at its huge Irvine plant and turned to the experts at Emmons Roof Service to do extensive work on their factory roof. This was no small job; the experts at Emmons Roof Service needed to ensure no disruption to business and to guarantee that the strict guidelines governing the safety and cleanliness of food manufacturing would still be met.


With a size of approximately 280,000 square feet, this was a substantial building and the experts at Emmons Roof Service were asked to provide a budget for a completely new roofing system. Initial budget figures were determined by satellite imagery and other specialized measurement software. To find the most effective roofing at the most cost-effective price, the experts at Emmons Roof Service broke out pricing based on multiple areas using multiple types of roof systems. The experts at Emmons Roof Service performed a site survey in 2014 to firm up pricing and determine which system would be suitable for which area. Maruchan determined that their “production” area would be the first priority.




With an accurate assessment of the client’s needs, as well as the condition of the roof over the production area, it became apparent to the experts at Emmons Roof Service that the work required was far more extensive than Maruchan had initially assumed. This wasn’t “just” a new roof job. Emmons’ commercial roofing experts reported their findings back to Maruchan, and Maruchan agreed that a fair amount of existing rooftop equipment would need to be removed and replaced. What began as a new roofing install project had now become a major retrofit requiring close coordination with the general contractor, mechanical contractor, as well as the electrical and plumbing contractors.


Working in conjunction with general contractor Austin Company, engineers from Maruchan, as well as the City of Irvine, the experts at Emmons Roof Service proposed a full roof renovation, including structural improvements and the installation of a new FiberTite, mechanically attached PVC/KEE Membrane over 1/2″ Securock Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board to achieve the Class A Requirements. There were other major conditions that required consideration by the experts at Emmons Roof Service, as well, especially the ability of the FiberTite Product to withstand the various oils and greases of the food by products, as well as excessive foot traffic concerns. Additionally, Emmons’ commercial roofing experts realized they also needed a system which could be easily installed with the schedule restraints and requirements of “phase roofing.”


Many meetings were required between Austin, Maruchin, Emmons and the mechanical contractors to make a schedule and design the system and details. Plans were drawn, approved and submitted to the City of Irvine in early 2015. Once final schedules were approved, the contract was signed and the job started in August of 2015.




Maruchan’s food production continued without disruption or compromise. the experts at Emmons Roof Service carried out a job that was substantially more complex than initially envisioned, but one that was absolutely necessary and in the best interests of the customer. Working with Maruchan, the experts at Emmons Roof Service brought a complicated job in on time, on budget, and with the expertise for which they are known, making for a very happy customer.

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